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Keyword research tool is provided by Google to assist users in estimating the Google AdWords keyword search volume and competition for that keyword advertising. You get a general idea of which keywords are sought. Google Adwords Keyword Tool also provides an illustration of advertiser competition (advertiser) on the associated keyword. Numberadvertiser can be regarded as a description of the commercial value of a keyword.

If you want to generate paid traffic ( PPC – Pay Per Click) to your site, then Google AdWords Keyword Tool is very useful as a first step in choosing the keywords for the promotional campaign, since the data based on searches through Google. And because Google users very much then you get the depth and accuracy of quality data to develop a list of keywords.

Google Suggest

This is probably the tool keyword research the simplest and most easy to use. You just open the Google search page or you can also use the search form on the internet browser (usually at the top right corner and the Google logo). Then enter your search keywords (see picture below). Tool is also able to show ‘competition’, ie the number of pages to fill Google’s index for keyword search.
When you add the letters and words, advice /suggestion will be displayed narrowed, Use this to quickly see various ‘terms’ are popular in a niche/ subtopic.
Google Suggest can be used to assess the ‘search demand‘in fast and ideally you use the tool at the beginning of the process ofkeyword research to quickly help you add key words ‘high level’ to the list prepared.Although it is not always that keyword with a lot of results /result was much sought, but generally it is, so naturally / organic rise of the pages that contain keywords such.


The second advantage of the keyword research tool is to develop a list of keywords. Google Adwords Keyword Toolis more specific for evaluating the commercial value of keywords, while Google Suggest to evaluate the ‘competition’ organic you will encounter.
Update: Google Suggest no longer display the ‘results’ or the number of pages found on the index for a given keyword. Here is information about the disappearance of results on Google Suggest. Too bad. Nevertheless, this tool is still useful for adding popular keywords related to a focused collection of keywords and keywords that you must master in your industry sector.

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