Cara Daftar Dan Klik iklan Di NeoBux

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Duduk2 nggak tau ngapain Mendingan Buat artikel ini deh..Hehehe

Pertama2 Klik banner Di bawah Ini

kalau Anda ikut dari link saya.. saya akan mengajarkan banyak tentang PTC ini.. juga ada tambahan, saya akan mengajarkan cara membuat dan verify di paypal.

Selanjutnya Klik Register:

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Setelah anda Klik Register Di NeoBux, akan ada tempat pengisian data anda, masukan data anda dengan benar:

-Username : isi dengan nama Anda misalnya ( Sayaganteng) <-- hehehe kalau cewek ganti cantik yah :D

-Password : isi dengan Password anda.
-Password confirmation: isi dengan password anda, harus sama dengan pasword di atas.
-Email: Isi dengan email anda, Ingat ' email harus yang jadi (Aktif/ Masih bisa dibuka/ masih bisa dibuka kotak masuknya) '

-AlertPay/PayPal Email: kalau belum ada Acount Paypal/alertpay, Buatlah acountnya Daftarnya gratis kok.
Klik banner Di bawah ini untuk daftar di Paypal

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

-Birth Year : isi dengan tahun lahir anda
-Image Verification : isi dengan angka/huruf yg ada disebelahnya.
- klik kotak kecil dibawah sampai ada tanda centang Hijau.
- Lihat Kembali, kalau sudah lengkap klik continue.
- setelah di continue,
- masuk di account email anda, misalnya anda pakai yahoo ( ) dan kalau Gmail ( )
- setelah account Yahoo atau gmail anda terbuka, masuk di pesan masuk anda, (Email masuk)
- Sekarang kamu lihat ada tulisan dari= NeoBux "Email verification"
- Klik pesan masuk dari NeoBux, setelah terbuka Lihat ada tulisan "All you have to do now is copy-paste this code in the registration form:" Contoh kodenya Di bawah misalnya= BFDD07437C0D42E31A49DF88FEC251DD

-copy kode yg ada di bawah tulisan tersebut.
- masuk kembali di Tempat kamu Regist NeoBux Tadi, lalu paste kode tersebut yg telah diminta NeoBux.

- Berikutnya anda diminta login,
Cara loginnya gini: - Username : masukin username yang anda buat tadi.
- Password : Masukin password yang anda buat tadi.
- Secondary Password : Tidak usah di isi
- Verification Code : Lihat Kode Di sebelahnya, lalu Klik Submit, apa bila belum bisa login, periksa kembali username, pasword dan Verification Code nya.

- Setelah login pastikan ada tulisan gini di bagian atasnya : View Advertisements 4 | Logout | Chat | Forum | FAQ

- Lalu klik --> View Advertisements 4 <-- tunggu sampai terbuka,

- Lihat ada tulisan Business and Money,dan ada 4 kotak Di sampingnya, didalam kotak tersebut ada bintang kecil berwarna kuning, klik bintang tersebut atau klik di tengah2 kotak, maka akan muncul bulatan merah, klik lagi bulatan merah tersebut, sampai terbuka di jendela baru (new Tab), lihat jendela Baru tersebut, tunggu sampai 1 menit atau lebih, tunggu sampai ada tulisan

Advertisement validated! $0.01 were credited in your account.

Di bagian banner atas, maka selanjutnya klik bintang yang kedua, dan seterusnya sampai 4 tapi kadang2 jumblah iklannya ada 5 bintang.

- INGAT Jangan Klik Bintang kuning ke 2,3,4 Di dalam Kotak (Iklan) sebelum Bintang Kuning ke 1 Selesai Di Tab Baru.

lanjutkan Klik iklan anda Setiap hari, Sehari iklan ada 4 bisa sampai 5 iklan kalau ada bonus iklan,

anda akan menjadi member tetap di Neobux apa bila sudah terdaftar selama satu bulan dan klik iklan 100 kali klik.

Nih Gue Kasih Lihat Teman2 Neobux Yang Berhasil PO (Payout) di NeoBux KlikDisini Untuk Melihat.

Dan ini Ruang Motivasi buat anda Klikdisini Mohon dibaca2 dulu.

Ini dia aku tambahin Banner Daftar2 Bisnis PTC yang Membayar Membernya.

Bagi agan2 yang daftar lewat sini... terus masih bingung dengan cara2nya.. silahkan bertanya di komentar yah.. dan Sertakan USERNAME anda Di bawah komentar, USERNAME nya Pakai Username NeoBux Yah atau USERNAME situs PTC lain....Insyallah saya bisa membantu. Kalau Username Aku Di NeoBux (eggymohamad) ok Terima kasih Telah Bergabung.
Salam Sukses Selalu Gan

Ok Selamat Klik2..

The One Word You Must Have to Succeed!

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There is one word that you must have to succeed in life, period! This word, when applied correctly, can bring life-changing results in everything you do.

With many years in this industry, I have seen about everything, but there is one word you will have to have to be successful in your business and that word is “belief”. You will need to believe in yourself. Napoleon Hill said it best, “If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.” (The book “Think and Grow Rich”) James Alan put it another way right on the title of his book, "As a Man Thinketh".

We all have the ability to learn. Some learn faster than others but we can all learn the skills you need to win…and win big! Always be in a learning mode and stay hungry for knowledge and apply what you have learned. You can have whatever you want if you just help enough people get what they want, but you must seek out what YOU need to win, not what Sally needs but what you need.

Whatever business you are in, remember you are in the people business and the more you learn how to deal with people, the more successful you will be. The more successful you will be, the more you will need to learn how to deal with people.

There are several ways you can start the process of believing in yourself. Start to listen to positive CD's, look at positive DVD's and read PMA books. There are manyPsychology Articles, many resources available. Here is a list that helped me over the years.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
As a Man Thinketh by James Alan
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Think and Win Big by Johnny Wimbrey
Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard & Mark Wiser

The Secret by Prime Time Productions
It’s Possible by Les Brown
Jim Rohn DVD

What you put in will come out! You can find all of these resources on the internet or at Amazon. Just click on the Amazon icon to the right of this page. Find some time to invest in yourself. It will be worth it. Reading or listening to these resources can only make you a better person no matter what vocation you are in.

By : Carl Randolph

Linux Firewall Software

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Whatever the type of firewall in any Linux systems, they receive, then inspect and make decisions upon all the net traffic that goes through its perimeters. The basic type of firewall does packet filtering. Through this type of filtering all internet data is broken up into small parts or packets and then monitored. If it is registered as a virus, the firewall prevents the data from entering your computer. The second type of firewall system is circuit relay or circuit level gateway. Here the firewall checks the authenticity of connections before allowing data traffic. It permits traffic from permitted sources for a limited period of time. In the advanced firewall security system, the application level gateway is considered to be the most secure of all. It acts as a proxy and devoted detailed attention to any application that uses the gateway.

Linux is secure enough to run on your computer provided you just work on it as a client, But once it is connected to remote services, you need to make use of firewalls. A firewall is the first step you take in an elaborately planned security system. There are two kinds of user accounts. One is a low privileged user account and the other is a full privileged user account. Most Linux distributors set up low privileged user accounts in their computers. If yours is low privileged it prevents malicious viruses from attacking your computer. In extreme cases, some viruses or hackers might try to damage your files. This can be prevented by logging in through the root account. Once you are logged in through the root account it is powerful enough that you can change the Linux configurations. This places Linux users in an advantageous position because such a facility is not available with Windows users as they are logged in full time as a full privileged user. But to be on the safe side please keep on updating the firewall regularly. You also have to make sure that no one logs in as a root user and uses unsecured sites enabling viruses to attack your computer. If this happens viruses which are known to exist in the Linux systems can come in and steal user data.


A Podcast Client

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A podcast client is the software used to access and
download podcasts. Podcast clients are also known as
media aggregators, programs designed to automatically
access an online file, or feed, and download the audio or
video file associated with it. Hundreds of these
programs exist, with names like IpodderX, Juice,
Nimiq, and PodSpider. These podcast clients are easy to
find, and because there are so many available for free, it
is easy to find one that suits an individuals needs and
style. These programs run on the users computer,
periodically downloading a small RSS file from sites
that it has been told to monitor. The file tells the
program about an audio or video file stored on the
server, and the podcast client then downloads that file
for the user to view or listen to.

The podcast client thus allows the user to view
information on a wide range of topics from their
computer, without even using a web browser. Just like
blogs let people find writers they enjoyed for any niche
topic they were interested in, podcasts let people do
them same for audio and video. Its as if a thousands of
radio and television channels were created to serve
every possible interest, and more were made every day.
Using the podcast client to access and download the
files makes it as easy to keep up with the sites one likes
as it is to publish the feed.

By : Joel

Finding Hip Hop Mix Podcasts

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Many music podcasts are available online for
downloading; if one wanted to find, for instance, a hip
hop mix podcast, there are a few sites available to help.
The first possibility would be to go directly to a site
which creates one and subscribe to it using a podcast
client which automatically checks the feed for new
episodes and downloads them for the user. If, however,
one did not know of any hip hop mix podcast sites, or
simply wanted to find new podcast sites, the best
possibility would be to check a podcast directory, a list
of podcasts that can be browsed.

Hip hop mix podcasts could easily be found at one of
these podcast directories. A podcast directory stores
lists of podcasts which have been submitted to the site,
and categorizes them by genre, type of podcast, region,
and other meta data. To find a hip hop mix podcast,
visiting a podcast directory and checking under music
podcasts, and then under hip hop music would find
many podcasts which play that type of music.

The hip hop mix podcast could then be subscribed to by
inputting the feed address listed into one of the many
podcast clients. The music will come in episodes, the
name for each downloadable portion of a podcast. Some
of these podcasts may feature independent artists,
musicians trying to break into the music industry who
have chosen podcasting as a way of sharing their music
and gaining a following. Others may be remixes of
popular songs that have been changed in some way to
give a different feel to the music. Often, the artists may
already be established, though, and they still see
podcasting as a way to introduce themselves to a larger
audience. They may grant rights to pay certain hip hip
songs to a podcaster, letting them play the music as part
of their mix distribution while requesting a link to a site
where more information can be learned about the artists
and music can be purchased. Artists that have done this
include alias, edan, outerspace, RA the rugged man,
roots manuva, and outer space.

A large number of podcasts featuring hip hop mix
podcasts are actually radio stations, however. These
broadcasters have found that podcasting their shows
and selections is an easy way to reach more listeners
and gain a greater audience. These podcasters can reach
more people easier and cheaper than they can by
playing hip hop mix music over the airwaves in their
local areas. Playing hip hop music over the internet is
probably the way many future artists will do their work,
and there are many ways available even now that they
can do so and make a profit. For instance, some
podcasts are designed to work on a payment basis. A
hip hop artist who wished to share his music could
charge for addition to the feed list, then issue a unique
feed address to the user, allowing them to hear new
pieces of hip hop music released. The hip hop music
file could even be designed so it could not be copied
and used by another user at a different computer, to
ensure that the artist could maintain control over his

By : Joel

A Heart So Hard Do It?

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On the way to the office, enjoying the cool air I fell asleep on the bus. Bus conductor did not seem to wake up to charge fees.

With eyelids still blinking sleepily, my eyes caught a faint figure of a middle-aged mother stood not far from where I sit. However, drowsiness and fatigue that I felt defeated good intentions to provide a seat for the woman.

Off the bus, the new heart is the good side is muttering, "if I give your seat to mothers before, perhaps this morning blessings can reach." Ah, why then this sorry self?

Last night, on his way home by train, sitting in front of me a father aged 40's. Through a bottled water seller, and he immediately stopped to buy. His left hand holds a glass of bottled water while his other hand rummaging in his pockets.

For a moment she noticed several pieces of which he was able to reach from the deepest pockets, was not enough, he returned the glass of bottled water that has been clutched to the seller of the water while holding his thirst.

My father had been in front of it can only make a series of scenes as a sideshow. There are no bid was good out of the mouth to buy drinking water, although in my pocket there is an amount of money that can even be to buy two boxes of bottled water! Imagine that, just 500 rupiah required but the father was not too moved by this heart.

Yesterday, before Isha, also on the way back. Only five miles from home, I pass a sight that touches the heart. A terminal at the curb, enjoying a family scavenger tidbit. Husband, wife and two children remain voracious although they enjoy only a packet of cookies, whether granting anyone.

This step had stopped after seven or eight steps past them, I also had time to think to approach the family to simply invite them to eat.

But the shadow of a hurry to meet the children at home turned my steps to continue the journey. Actually, the money that I have time, ten-fried rice can also wrap I bought. Moreover, their numbers are only four heads.

And if any should be in a hurry, anyway I should be able to give some money to feed them that night, or even to eat the next day.

Duh, why this would continue on foot to hunt just kiss the girls before they sleep?

This morning I tried to think of all this life's journey. My God, this is so keraskah heart, so without feeling guilty I spent so many opportunities to do good?

Had not I always pray that you gave me the convenience to do good for others?

But when you give the street, I even miss it. Please, give me another chance, Lord.

By : Eka Pratama